Technical ceramics

Enker produces technical ceramics since 1974. During the period of 40 years Enker has developed its own production and wide range of products which find application in various branches of industry. Because of its properties technical ceramics is considered as one of the most efficient materials nowadays.

The only diamond is harder

Heat resistance up to 2100℃

Resistance to acids and bases

Lower mass compared with metal

Properties of Enker Technical ceramics depend on the chemical composition of materials and the production process. The most important features of our technical ceramics are:

Extreme hardness and resistance to wear and abrasion
Resistance to chemicals, acids and corrosion
High temperature resistance
Good electrical insulation properties and high dielectric resistance
Compressive and bending resistance
A high modulus of elasticity

Ceramics is produced with high quality materials

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Titante

Alumina-Chrom Oxide

Zirconium Oxide

Alumina-Zirconium Oxide

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